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After a fire, many things need to be repaired since the building was inevitably damaged by the flames. Sometimes, another structure is needed to protect the property from further destruction, such as a fence. At other times, it’s just a matter of making repairs so that everything goes back to normal.

Our network of fire damage professionals take care of all your post-fire repair needs, including plumbing, flooring, ceiling, and drywall repair.

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Roof Repair

One of the most important things to do after a fire is to have a roofing contractor take a look at your roof and see what needs to be repaired. If the damage is too extensive or there’s just not enough of a roof left to keep any more water from entering, then it might be time for a whole new roof. Roofs are no small investment as they can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size and type of building. Here are some roof repairs your home might need after a fire:

Multiple Roof Leaks After a Fire

A fire can cause your roof to start leaking from several different places as the intense heat will damage the shingles and asphalt layers, allowing water to seep through.

In cases of multiple leaks, it’s better to call us right away before more damage is done to the interior of your building.

Shingles That Burned Through

The high temperatures from a fire can easily burn through the asphalt layers of a roof, causing water to leak right through to the other side.

In cases where only one layer burns away, you might just have to replace that one strip or section of shingles.

However, if more than half of your roof was destroyed by the fire, then it might be time to get a whole new roof with all-new shingles.

Fire Damage to Asphalt Shingles

If your asphalt shingles are only blackened on the outside by smoke and flame damage rather than burning through, then they can usually be saved.

Asphalt shingles are waterproof and fireproof, which means that the main damage done to them is discoloration.

All asphalt shingles will need to be cleaned after a fire, but most of them will turn out good as new with some scrubbing and cleaning measures.

Fire Damage to Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are not fireproof, so they will burn through if the fire is intense enough.

This type of material needs to be completely replaced after a fire because it’s not waterproof.

Plumbing Repairs

Fire damage restoration Baltimore also involves plumbing repairs as well.

Water damage from firefighting efforts can seriously affect your plumbing, which means you need to get it repaired right away.

  • Clogged Drains: If there’s a lot of standing water in your home, then your toilets and drains might be getting backed up by debris.
  • Water Leaks: If the high temperatures from a fire have damaged a lot of your home, then you might have leaks along the walls and ceilings.
  • Toilet Repairs: Fire can cause the valves in your toilets to stop working properly. Your toilet might fill up with water or not flush at all anymore.
  • Faucet Repair: The high temperatures from a fire can melt the connections in your faucets, so they feel loose when you try to turn them on or off.
  • Mold and Mildew: Flooding from firefighting efforts can cause mold and mildew to grow in moist, hidden areas of your home like under the sink, along the baseboards, and behind furniture.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are also needed after a fire since the heat can easily damage their wiring.

If your home was water damaged by the firefighting efforts, you might be dealing with electrical shorts and faulty outlets as well. Here are some types of electrical repairs your home might need after a fire:

Outlet Repair

Fire can damage outlets and make them feel loose or wobbly.

Outdoor Electrical Repairs

The high temperatures from a fire can damage the more exterior wiring of an electrician’s home. This might cause the power to go out regularly or keep your outdoor lights from turning on.

Electrical Repairs

A fire can cause some electrical wiring to stop working properly, such as the power going on and off at random.

Drywall Repair

After a fire, the drywall also has to be repaired because it will have been weakened by the flames.

If there are spots where small holes have burned through to the studs, then you’ll need drywall patches.

You might also need a whole sheet of drywall replaced if one of your walls was badly charred or destroyed altogether in the fire. The process for this involves removing the old drywall, putting up a new baseboard, and attaching the new sheet of drywall to it.

Walls and Ceiling Repair

Fires also damage walls and ceilings, so you’ll need to get them repaired after the flames are extinguished.

Fire damage can cause water damage that leads to mildew or mold, which starts growing in the dark, damp areas of your home like under beds, inside closets, and along baseboards.

Mold spores also circulate throughout homes via heating and air conditioning units and cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

You should also check that your exterior walls haven’t been warped or blackened by the fire because this can indicate structural damage to your home as well.

Water damage from firefighting efforts can affect these areas as well, so you’ll need to check for drywall patches and dents in the walls after the fire has been put out.

Baltimore fire damage restoration also involves checking for mold and mildew in hidden areas like under cabinets, inside storage spaces, and along floorboards.

Extreme heat can warp or crumble walls that are made of drywall, while ceiling tiles might droop if they get too hot during the fire.

These areas can become weak and flimsy if they’ve been exposed to extreme temperatures, so you might need to get them repaired or replaced by a professional.

Damage restoration should also include checking behind furniture and under heavy appliances like washing machines and dryers for any signs of damage. These areas can become prone to mold and mildew.

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Flooring Repairs

Another aspect of repairing your building after a fire is fixing the flooring.

If the floor was singed or destroyed due to water damage from firefighting efforts, then you’ll need to get new flooring after it’s dried out.

However, there are some options for keeping the original flooring in place while covering up any burn marks or debris that might be left behind.

Floor Sanding for Fire Damage

Floor sanding is a great choice because it lets you keep your original floor while making it look presentable again.

During floor sanding, the old finish is completely removed so that you can start cleaning with a new base coat.